Chess players in my family

Five members of my family have an international title, 3 of them are grandmasters.
My older sister, Nora (who is an IM/WGM) married GM Zoltán Gyimesi in 2001. Their older son Peter has a FIDE rating about 1900 and their daughter Flora has started to play chess as well. My younger sister Judit (who has a rating over 2000) married IM Janos Konnyu in 2011. I also met my wife, WFM Emese Medvegyne Balogh in a chess tournament and we got married in 2005. Our daughter Maria is not playing chess (yet…).

My father Dr. Mihaly Medvegy played for the team of Győr in the Hungarian 2nd league. He stopped playing chess more than 40 years ago but he is still following our results and games.

our ‘chess-family-tree’