My German team lost against Schönaich. The opponent had a very strong team. Eppingen is still standing on the outstanding 3rd place.
SC Schönaich – SC Eppingen 4,5-3,5
Medvegy, Zoltan (2542) – Danin, Alexander (2584) draw

German Bundesliga, 3rd round

My team Eppingen was successful again, unfortunately I lost.
Weichhold, Pawel (2416) – Medvegy, Zoltán (2543) 1-0

Emese won in the local championship in Hungary.
Baló, Tamás (2138) – Medvegyné Balogh, Emese (2078) 0-1
eredmények Emese győzött a megyei csapatbajnokságban. Baló Tamás (2138) – Medvegyné Balogh Emese (2078) 0-1 eredmények” target=”_blank”>results