Austrian-Hungarian weekend

This weekend I played 2 games in Austria in the 2nd league where I managed to get back some of my rating points lost in Denmark. My team (Ranshofen) was also successful, we won the first two matches.
Bertagnolli, Alexander (2375) – Medvegy, Zoltán 0-1
Krivoborodov, Egor (2529) – Medvegy, Zoltán draw

On Sunday (with a little bit of trick) I travelled home to play for my Hungarian team where I started the season with a winning game. My team was also successful.
Aquaprofit NTSK – Makó 10-2
Medvegy, Zoltán – Hajnal, Zoltán (2385) 1-0

Szamosközi, Gábor (2334) – Medvegy, Nóra draw
Petényi, Tamás (2437) – Könnyű, János (2339) 0-1